Some History of the Penticton Curling Club The Penticton Curling Club is very full and rich with history that we can see on display everyday at the club go back to 1954. This would include the stairwells, and trophy cases in the main lounge up stairs. They include some very impressive win’s and accomplishments over the years. To get a better idea of what we have available below is a short condensed list of items which can be viewed at the club’s main office upon a request to the club manager and subject to availability.

The Penticton Business & Professional Ladies had a league going back to 1954 to 1983 with lists of the original 6 teams, and the winner of events during the course of the years. The league enjoyed very good press relations and was written up on a regular basis in the local paper. This large book was put together by Geanie Palm club historian at the time, who put a lot of effort into the collection of articles. The articles included the following.

All the newspaper articles recorded the comings and goings of the club and related activities. Also the who’s who’s of curling. You will see a lot of face’s from the past and the present. They include the following:

  • Rock Talk by Brent Paul
  • From the Hack by Jim Willox
  • Tee Lines by Scott Thompson
  • Tee Lines by Lloyd Reid
  • Curling Corner by Norm Card

Penticton Junior Curling started in Penticton in 1994 with 48 curlers. First bonspeil Jan 27/96 with 56 curlers. the collection includes 4 books which include instructions, ton’s of fun bonspiels, costumes, newspaper articles, pictures of a lot of people that are still in the club and busy as always today.” Curling was underway on outdoor ice in Penticton as early as 1910. In 1920, Penticton curlers had built a log frame building on Main Street, near the old power house. The building was later rebuilt in the 200 block of Winnipeg Street. Apparently curling died off for a while and was met with difficulties in getting re-established. In 1941 the club was going to rebuild but wartime emergency restrictions stopped the project. It was another thirteen years later in 1954 that another attempt was made. By December 1954, the Granite Curling Club was a reality and its four sheet of ice were opened for curling. The club sold the property in 1985 and constructed a new 6 sheet building on the present site.1958 Bonspiel …. $4000 in cash prizes!

Historical-Pic-1smWinners, Nelson Cup 48th Annual B.C. Provincial Bonspiel
February, 1943

left to right: P. Mather (2nd), W. McQuistin (3rd), N.McKerracher (lead), J.M. McKAy (skip)



1946Winners, B.C. Box and Buckerfield Trophies, Vernon, B.C.
9th Annual Okanagan Bonspiel, 1946

left to right:J.M. McKAy (skip), P. Mather (3nd), P.E. Pauls (2nd), J.D. McKay (lead)