Curling Club Column JANUARY 01/11
By: Kim Kirkham

From her song “if walls could talk”, Celine Dion sang
“These walls keep a secret that only we know”.

Oh if the walls of the Penticton Curling Club could talk, the stories she could tell of the games that have been played on her sheets. She would tell tales of joy and sorrows, sweet victories, and heartbreaking losses.
The walls could tell you about the final shot in the extra that won the game in Men’s Provincial Curling Championship in 2008.
The walls would tell you about the strategy of the game, the etiquette and the friendliness displayed on the ice. The walls would also tell you about the dedication and spirit of the Penticton Curlers is alive and well.

Profile of a curler

I would like to introduce Len Swift, he’s a two time Senior Men’s Zone Champion and our local curling club icon.
Len was born in Red Deer Alberta.
Len is a guy who quietly contributes to the club’s success, deflecting any deserved recognition.
He is the Chairman of the Senior Men’s League and co-coordinator of Senior Bonspiel for many years. Len is also responsible for breaking ground on the highly successful Friday Morning Skins league 10 years ago.
Len is a former Air force Pilot, who began his curling career in Gimli, Manitoba in 1955 when he was 30 years old. Yes, you did the math right, he is 85 years young.
Why does Len curl? He needs no time to respond to this question, it’s the social aspect and camaraderie that keeps him in the game. But that’s not all; he still enjoys the competiveness of game. I’m told by his fellow curlers that he still calls a great game.
When asked who his curling heroes are, he politely says I don’t know about a hero, but I admire Martin, and Howard’s curling abilities.
Len has been a member of The Penticton Curling Club for the past 25 years and even served a year as the President of the Club.
Len is a role model and a dedicated member of our club, who like many of us, is still patiently awaiting his first 8 ender.

Around the House
The Penticton Curling Club members enjoyed some success on the road this past weekend.
The Senior Women’s Inter-regional was held in Kamloops this past weekend.
The Sherry Heath Rink, Vernon third Lil Blashko, second Carol Martel, Lead Diane Tetreault fifth Judy Green, secure a spot in the Senior Women’s Provincials to be held in Kamloops February 20-23rd, 2011. Lil Blashko is a member of the Penticton Curling Club. Good Luck.
Several Penticton teams competed in the Summerland Bonspiel this past weekend.
The Daryl Tarr Rink took the “A” division with 3rd Cindy Curtain, 2nd Gord Mitchell, lead Dora DeCosse
The Gary Stene Rink, Danielle Dougan, Dan Gusztak Sam Niddery, took 2nd in the “A” division.
The Steve Gjukich rink took 2nd in the “C” division, 3rd Sandie McKechnie, 2nd George Horner, and Lead Pat Horner
Penticton’s Blaine Black Rink attended the Vernon Men’s Bonspiel last weekend and took home the “C” division with 3rd Barrie Johnstone, 2nd Rob Verrier, and Lead Tim Haberstock.
January 21-23rd Men’s Tin Cup Open Bonspiel
January 29-31st Masters 60+ Play downs
Junior Bonspiel Sat Feb 12th
February 19-20 Mixed Interregional Play downs
March 4-6th Western Mixed Open Bonspiel
Rumor has it that The Penticton Curling Club will have a few teams entering the Mixed Play downs in February.